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Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding has a wealth of meanings and is much more than just a wedding.

It is a choice made by spouses in the name of love, at times also to exchange nuptial vows in an atmosphere which is capable of evoking memories and is of special significance.


Destination Wedding What it is and why it is so special.

Destination Wedding was born in the United States and is rapidly spreading all round Europe, including Italy.

In practice, it means the choice to get married in a place other than one’s residence.

Not only that, Destination Wedding is a real and unique experience, which can last several days and be completed with events, excursions and anything else the spouses desire.

The wedding experience therefore expands its boundaries and becomes an emotion, to share with the person one desires most, living to the full places, situations and selected events.

Destination Wedding…Italy!

Italy is one of the countries which best lends itself to be the venue of a destination wedding, because it offers art, culture, tradition and breathtaking natural beauty in abundance.

Italy can be the preferred choice of people from all over the world, but also of Italians  themselves who wish to take the time to discover new places or to relive emotions in landscapes, cities or other localities which hold a profound significance for them.

Naturally, the most popular destination weddings are in the country’s most exotic locations, but the metropolitan trend is an experience that can be celebrated and lived out in Milan.

Milan is, in fact, the city of a thousand lights and a thousand possibilities, which offers urban scenarios of great style and exclusive locations, alternated with hidden glimpses of its courtyards and artistic beauties.

Only a few kilometres away are to be found its lakes, little aquatic paradises which boast a microclimate which is perfect for weddings and scenarios of innate elegance.

Above all, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como with their historic villas and their parks with their abundance of rare flowers, Lake Garda with its scent of citrus fruits and the fabulous locations to be found on all their shores.

For those in search of a welcome which recalls ancient times, the ideal proposal is destination wedding Tuscany, with the region’s hills which will enfold the wedding couple in a loving embrace and accompany the guests in a complete experience of all the senses.

An experience which involves the eyes with the beauties of the region’s cities of art and of its nature, but also the taste buds with the many specialities which can be savoured of this region’s exquisite local cuisine.

These characteristics also apply to destination wedding Costiera Amalfitana and destination wedding Puglia, two destinations which unite the passion for fine food, enchanting beaches on the Italian sea and the unique, ever-changing landscapes.

Finally, our destination wedding Roma, for the couple who want to discover or relive the magic of the capital city, with its eternal allure and the thousand and one opportunities which its territory offers.

Whatever the choice, or destination, you want to reach in your destination wedding, we invite you to write to us by clicking on this link.