destination wedding Toscana Tuscany

Destination wedding Tuscany

Destination Wedding Tuscany: destination wedding Tuscany which unites the love for ancient flavours with the desire to feast one’s eyes on natural beauties which are unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Tuscany is a unique region which is loved all over the world for its gentle hilly landscape, but also for the inestimable historic and artistic treasures enclosed in its towns.

From its principal city, Florence, to the gentle Chianti hills, choosing

a destination wedding Tuscany means delving back into a world of traditions and flavours, which has its roots far back in the past, but that still binds us enthralled right down to the present day.

Destination Tuscany. The Cities of Art.

Destination wedding is much more than just a wedding, it is rather a real and personal experience to be lived with the person one loves most in a place chosen with care, because it has a special significance.

In the case of Tuscany, the most refined choice is definitely that of the cities of art like Florence, Siena, Arezzo and all the other gems to be found in this truly authentic region.

A wedding here acquires a special value and can be celebrated by those who love art and the masterpieces which, in every corner of a Tuscan town, present themselves to the eyes of the guests.

Not only that, these cities of art are also home to the enogastronomic culture of the region, with its tasty food and exquisite choice of wines. For a destination wedding which combines highly refined art with the pleasures of the table.

Destination Wedding Tuscany: from the hills to the famous seaside localities.

Tuscany is a territory of sea, hills and plains. For many people it symbolises all the beauties of the Italian landscape,  inasmuch that singers, actors and artists from all over the world have chosen it as somewhere to escape to or as a second home.

This is no wonder, as the Tuscan hills and towns and villages evoke the same spell as of old and to live them to the full them on the day of one’s wedding is an unforgettable experience.

In the more rural parts of the region you can live in close contact with nature and savour at first hand the enogastronomc tradition of the area, from the olive oil, famous worldwide, to the full-bodied Chianti, a red wine of noble tradition, with its exquisite regional dishes, Tuscany will win you over with its passionate spirit and will welcome the spouses with its overflowing bounty.

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