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Destination Wedding Amalfi Coast

Destination wedding Amalfi Coast is a choice  permeated by the scent of citrus fruits, to be enjoyed in every season.

Since time immemorial the Amalfi Coast has attracted artists from all over the world to sing, paint and photograph its coastline. Its scenery with its breathtaking views is, in fact, unlike anywhere else in the world with its towns, which are nestling in the cliffs, and are reflected in the gulf’s limpid blue sea.

From Sorrento to Ravello, passing through Amalfi: visiting this territory is a magical experience, because it is like living in a picture postcard where, in some cases, time seems to have stood still. Time which is described on a wall by the ford of Furore thus:  “Here, in this spot in the world, which is not of this world, where everything you see is already an emotion and every thought is already a dream, here you can…”

In this territory you can do many things, you can crown your love-dream in a landscape where the steep stone steps encounter the bougainvillea, where the lemon groves alternate with the maritime pines and where the houses with their antique pottery welcome you with the same warmth as its inhabitants.

This is why a destination wedding Amalfi Coast is an ode to the most sincere Italian spirit, which dwells by its enchanted sea and dreams in front of its natural marvels.

Destination Wedding Amalfi Coast: the magic of Capri.

In all the world the faraglioni / stacks of Capri are the emblem of the beauties of the Amalfi coast.

The island of Capri is a jewel which has become the symbol of a style, of a relaxed approach to life which lives the present moment to the full, savouring the tang of the sea and the blue of its waters.

Capri and the towns on the Amalfi coast do not forget to welcome wedding couples with the culinary specialities which have made this territory renowned all over the world. Ranging from pizza, the king of Italian dishes, to be savoured in its original version with basil and fresh tomatoes to freshly caught fish served emanating the scent of local herbs.

A destination wedding Amalfi Coast is a stylish, seaside choice, which permits those who experience it the chance to feel welcomed and happy, in a territory which is one of the warmest and most beautiful in all Italy.

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