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Destination Wedding Apulia

Destination wedding Apulia: discovering enchanting beaches and the exquisite flavours of the local culinary tradition.

Apulia, like the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany has become one of the most popular destinations for couples who wish to crown their lovedream.

It is no wonder because it is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, a territory which boasts white, crystalline beaches, often compared to those of the Caribbean.

The wedding will take place in a serene and relaxed atmosphere, like on the Salento coastline which welcomes travellers with its white beaches, sunsets by the sea and trabucchi- massive fishing platforms which are home to typical local restaurants-which form a frame for the scarlet sun as it sets over the gently rippling waves.

Destination Wedding Apulia: from the sea the tastes from far back in time.

Apulia is a territory with a wonderful cuisine, because it proposes specialities drawn from both land and sea, prepared with care, following the old, traditional recipes.

This is why if you love good food and good wine you would do well to choose this region.

You can find many offers in the loveliest seaside towns in Apulia, but also inland, an area which reserves gorgeous surprises for visitors.

In the midst of ancient olive groves, farmhouses with snow-white walls and old castles which loom up on you, taking you unawares, this is the perfect location for an  unforgettable wedding which awaits the spouses and which will welcome them with all the traditional warmth for which Apulia has been famous since time immemorial.

Wedding destination Apulia: between tradition and creativity.

Tradition, history, culture and unforgettable scenery await the spouses for an experience which can be lived in different ways, from the most traditional to the most creative, due to the freedom of expression which this extraordinary region offers to those who decide to visit it.

Apulia is, in fact, an original and unique region which can astound you for its imagination and creativity, which can be seen not only in the many artisan’s workshops in the region’s old town centres but also in the preparation of the local culinary specialities.

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